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Macchiato means to mark!

Katylin's coffee flavored Kitty

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This is a friends only journal! So if you want to mark here, I might let you in.  Don't make me hiss at you twice!

Now that we have that out of the way!

My name is Macchiato. [mock-e-AH-toe] It simply put means to "mark".

I am called Mõccy by my Mom whom I have been known to display only natural Oedipus feeling towards.
I am the smallest cat of the posse and I want everyone to know that I came first!!
Katylin is mine. ALL MINE! That goes for you too, Mr. J.!There is no other way about it. She follows me around the whole house, she wakes me in the morning when she has to use the bathroom, I kindly escort her into the bathroom since it is dark, showing her exactly where to put her feet. I know that she likes being herded into the bathroom, and she only shows me how mush she appreciates my swaying in and out of her feet as she stares tiredly and kindly stares at me she sits there in the bathroom. I know that she loves it when I keep the crotch of her pants warm, as I lay in that hammock as she pees. I also know she appreciates my chewing of her toes, as I lay at her feet, sharing my fur all over her legs. She is always so kind to me as she pets my head, and then I escort her back to bed. She wake me again a few hours later, so I can lead her to the kitchen and pick out my breakfast, and meep at her to make coffee, and pour me my morning milk. I warm her lap as she types, and bite her hands if she does not seem interested in my grooming her. Her spelling is atrocious so I like to put my paw on the key board and add those extra things she forgets.
I keep her lap warm every night, and spend the last of the evenings with her and share her cup of Market Spice tea. I purrrr, and often fall asleep in her lap, and then she carries me to my bed.
She loves me more than anyone, even Justin, although she forgets this sometimes, and I have to remind her that I rule, and I come first .

I was born in Glendora and quite squished as a kitten. I have had my tail amputated, and my intestines shortened. I have had my back femers replaced and have had my testes removed but look here I am all pissy male, and I have peed on enough to prove it!

My teeth are missing and some are chipped but I have no fear of a good hiss followed by a sharp bite and claws, do I ever have nice claws. Retractable?? Nahhha, not me. Nope. But ah, are they nice and sharp.
I have green round eyes, and a few gray hairs now, not as many as Arioch, but a few.

I am thankful for a cat friend who showed Katylin how much I meant to her. But I am thankful to Justin for distracting Wump long enough so that I can get my fair share of wet morning treat fud’.
Last for the record. I am not gay. My gray friend who will remain nameless is...
But I am not!

I have green eyes, and a wicked smile. I do not like people company. People are like fish, the longer they stay the more they smell. If you came over, I will hide the entire time. I am not prone to mom visiting others for any length of time either. I will undoubtedly soak her suitcase if she leaves for more than 24 hours.

I am not bitter, I just like my way. I AM Dark, Strong, Simply, and addicting like Coffee should be!
9 lifetimes, arioch cleaning my ears, back rubs, ball point pens, batting things, bedding, being alone, being angry, being bathed *shut up!*, being carried, being curious, being cute, being evil, being held, being inside mom's clothes, being loved, being mean, being mellow, being naughty, being persistent, being petted, being picked up, being read too, being spoiled, being testy, being tucked in, being warm, big pillows, biting, blankets, butt-rubs, cat beds, catching bugs, cello, cevin key, cheese snacks, clean claws, coffee, cosmic catnip, cream, crinkly paper, cuddling, dancing with mom, dreaming, dried roses, drinking straws, drooling, ear scratching, easy-climbing, eggs, emergency vets, escaping, exploring, feather-butt-mice, feathers, ferns, french fries, fresh bottled water, furniture design, getting arioch in trouble, having my face washed, hedgehogs, help to the windowsills, hiding, hissing, holding a grudge, hoping up, house plants, hugging, ice cream, ice cubes, jumbo jacks, katylin, kisses & smooches, laying in mom’s book, lemon pie, love, low flying moth-snacks, milk, milk gallon rings, mom, mom's armpits, mom's cereal milk, mom’s lap, mylar balls, new toys, nine lifetimes, nose rubs, not grooming myself, not licking myself, paper bags, peeing on luggage, pets, pets from the toilet, pizza, plastic easter egg halves, playing tag, popcorn, prowling, purring, quiet, rubbing against things, running away, salt, shade, shedding, sleeping in, sleeping on clothes, slow walkers, small spaces, soft cat treats, soft food, sparkly things, sparkly toys, spiders, spit bathes, spooning-with-arioch, starbuck's straws, steak juice, stealing mom's panties, stokes, stretching, tea, testing mom, toy mice, trader- joe’s-cat-treats, tripping people, typing, warm bodies, watching rain, wheat grass, yarn